About us

Ozone therapy is a form of complementary medicine all over the world and that is why we can offer our patient’s a place where they can treat correctly and completely their conditions.

Major and minor autohemotransfusions, ozone infiltrations, insuflations and injections, ozone bags for diabetic foot, or 12 sessions of ozone sauna, every form of ozone therapy are available here.

Dr. Razvan Vintilescu is a graduate of specialization courses that took place in the Romanian Scientific Society of Oxygen-Ozone-Therapy, classes recognized by the Ministry of Education and Research and Doctors and the Medical Board from Romania.

The multidisciplinary approach means that regarding the diagnosis of the patient, he will be sent after the ozone therapy appointment to other specialists, so that the treatment is complete and correctly adjusted. For instance, if the patient presents a cardiac condition then he will be monitored by a cardiologist or a internal medicine expert too, if he has problems with blood pressure he will have it read and there will also be done, if needed, lab analysis in the same location!