Ozone detoxification

Detoxification through ozone therapy is one of the newest methods of helping our organism to reach a proper health status to function at normal parameters. A lot of patients believe that their blood analysis is close to normal values, or if they have no pain, they are healthy. In fact, we should not only look upon these. What matters as much is how they correlate and how they increase or decrease inside the “normal interval”. Pain is rarely the first sign of a condition.


We should, based on an analysis of every patient’s lifestyle (alimentation, physical exercise, job, sleeping schedule), be able to know if we need a doctor’s help to determine what state our body is in before something bad happens.

Sauna is a natural and one of the oldest methods to release toxins from our body. Ozone sauna brings to the table some absolute advantages for the patient. A detox cure has 12 sessions of sauna. In which the ozone/oxygen ratio changes in the atmosphere provided by the special capsule of the sauna, and also the humidity/total temperature ratio is changed. Therefore, depending on the patient’s resistance to heat, the sauna can be programmed for lower or higher temperatures. There will be a permanent monitorization of the patient’s heart rate and nose level oxygen income. We can guarantee that the patient will have a safe detoxification session.

But the full detoxification process is only done along with the major autohemotherapy procedures, combined with the sauna!

Inside the sauna there will be only the patient’s torso and limbs. Using a special device that emits UV light, ozone will decompose and get inside the patient’s skin, forming secondary messengers. If externally the ozone has an antibiotic and antimycotic effect, the secondary messengers will trigger a cellular mechanism that brings the antioxidant system back to normal.

Ozone sauna can be used for detoxification in combination with major autohemotherapy or rectal insulfations. The concentration of ozone used or the how the optimal methods combine can only be determined by a specialized doctor after an appointment. Ozone therapy must not be used on patients that suffer from: hyperthyroidism, favism and high arterial blood pressure.