Vampire Therapy

The Vampire Therapy with Ozone

Ozone is a molecule that is found, naturally, around us. Moreover, recent research has shown that ozone is actually a biomolecule, being generated in our organism by neutrophils, during a defense mechanism against infections, in the presence of specific antibodies. The use of ozone in cosmetics and aesthetic medicine has at its core the fact that it has no side effects because the human body has a penchant for ozone.


Practically, the patient’s blood is collected in a special recipient, which is centrifuged afterwards, then the separated plasma is improved by ozone and then heated in an incubator. The plasmatic concentrate rich in platelets (P.R.P) transforms in a sort of natural hyaluronic acid. Only that, besides the effect of filling the areas with a deficit of volume, the P.R.P concentrate has an extra essential property: it contains growth factors. Ozone has the purpose to increase the release of growth factor from the plasmatic concentrate, thus the result of the procedure comes by faster and, evidently, more durably rather than in a normal intervention of plasmolifting or in another one using hyaluronic acid.

Also known as The Vampire Therapy, this procedure is a natural way to rejuvenate your skin, boost the elasticity and tighten it! By applying this treatment, the volume, contour and firmness comes back to normal of some areas that need help in this way. Even if it’s about lip augmentation, removing profound or superficial wrinkles, filling and treating depressive scars, ozone plasmolifting is recommended because of an excellent quality-price ratio.