The causes of acnes can be of immune and hormonal nature, but also genetic implications might have their say also. Shortly, sebaceous glands produce excess sebum, closing the skin pores. In this excess, a bacteria thrives and begins its contribution to the inflammatory process that turns our face into a battlefield. Hormonally, testosterone and growth hormones, like IGF-1, are responsible. Immunologically, the implication of a mutation in the pro-inflammatory proteins (alpha-TNF and interleukina-1) increases skin inflammation.


Treating acne through ozone therapy is done with minor autohemotherapy. On one hand, tissue oxygenation is improved by increasing the release of oxygen from erythrocytes. Therefore, the anaerobic bacteria inside pores cannot use our facial skin as a playground anymore because it does not like oxygen.

On the other hand, the concentration of ozone used acts intracellularly and inhibits the release of pro-inflammatory factors. For the last 30 year, there are hundreds of articles published about the role of ozone in fixing growth hormones: it increases their number where there is a deficit and decreases them when there is an excess. Combined, they help our organism fight acne.

Acne is no longer a disease that affect a person, but a cause that shifts to our social behavior. It is so bad that most of the times leads to social isolation and depression. A lot of medication, unguents and extremely poor food intake. People are able to try everything to just try to fit in.