Chronic fatigue and stress disorder

The impossibility to relax both physically and psychically while facing daily challenges leads in time to chronic fatigue. Health is not the absence of pain. Most of the times, pain appears when health changes dramatically. Health is a general state of well-being. And this state is influenced by stress, daily routines, the problems we are facing at home and at work, and by the fatigue accumulated in time and also by a regular resting schedule.


The Center of Excellence in Ozone Therapy proposes a treatment of revitalization and restoring of well-being, based on ozone therapy. It is a programme especially designed for people who work 8 to 12 hours a day, who face stressing situations and who work in s stressful environment. Doctors, lawyers, CEOs, or department managers, these are all ideal “candidates” for this therapy.

CEOs, or department managers, these are all ideal “candidates” for this therapy. Practically, during 10 sessions (spread over five to eight weeks) with major autohemotherapy using ozone, we balance your metabolism by the means of antioxidants, we boost your immune system by inducing light stress (similar to vaccines) and we improve peripheral blood flow and oxygenation. The purpose is to increase your resistance to stress, to give you back your ability to have a good night rest and to help you clear your head, and all that over a very short period of time and without disturbing your daily activities. In a nutshell, we will help you feel “full of beans”!
But how does this “magic” work?
As usual, we are talking about the biochemical action mechanisms of the ozone on the human body. A slight oxidative stress is induced on the body by major autohemotransfusion. The reaction is the increase of antioxidants in the blood stream. By the direct effect of secondary messengers of ozone, the release of oxygen from the erythrocytes increases which leads to a better vascularization of the vital organs. The brain, the liver and the heart receive more oxygen, thus fighting the degeneration of the circulatory and respiratory systems. This oxygen release in the tissues also leads to the genesis of new blood vessels which reduces what is lost due to old age. Among the benefits of better oxygenation we could mention: treating insomnias, increasing the resilience to effort and the diminishing the stress induced fatigue.
One should undergo this therapy twice a year because the effects can be felt on the long run with patients suffering from chronic fatigue which, in its turn, can lead to more serious conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes. The reasoning is a simple one, because most people who accuse chronic fatigue also suffer Clinical studies quoted in scientific articles prove that ozone treatments reduce the total cholesterol, LDL-cholesterol and triglycerides. It also lowers the level of blood sugar and prevents the complications of diabetes. Fighting thrombosis and increasing tissue oxygenation lower the risk of heart attack and deep vein thrombosis.