Chronic inflammations

The main effect of ozone therapy is the anti inflammatory one. Therefore, even if it is about an inflammation localized at a mucous, muscular or articular level, the reduction mechanism is the same.

It is important to mention that ozone can reach the inflammation in two ways: locally, injecting it directly or systemically, through major autohemotransfusion or rectal insuflations.

Systemically administrated ozone, through ozone peroxides formed when it is absorbed in blood, becomes a part into the inflammatory cycle and can interrupt its amplification by removing the excess of oxidant radicals and increasing the biological quantity of antioxidans. Another effect discovered by biochemists that studied the ozone peroxide’s action on tissue was the normalization of the transmembranary potential in the damage area by the inflammation, having a quicker retraction of the edema as consequence. Ozone inhibits the degradation of arachidonic acid in prostaglandins and reduces the quantity of pro-inflammatory compounds, decreasing the release of pro-inflammatory cytokines, like alpha TNF, IL6 and IL1.

In the inflammated area, usually, blood stream is also affected, because the oxygenated blood flowing through the arteries is diminuated which increases local inflammation. Local hypoxia produces the pain. Ozone increases local oxygenation through many mechanisms. Directly, by splitting a molecule into an ozone molecule and a free radical (that is combined with another radical generating another molecule), but also indirectly, by the action that it has on erythrocytes, by the increase of 2,3 diphosphoglycerate, increasing the degree of release of oxygene in tissues from oxyhemoglobine. Therefore, even though less oxygen arrives, it will be released quicker and in a higher percentage, reducing pain. This method can be also performed through locally administrating ozone.

Sometimes, especially in the cases of sever postular attitudes, chronic inflammations are caused by severe muscle contractions that manifest themselves through pain, without being influences by common medication. In these cases (back of head pain, back pain), besides the anti-inflammatory effect, the relaxing effect of ozone matters too, which reduces the cause of inflammation.