Muscle contractions

Most of the times, muscle pains start from a severe contraction or they are caused by a previous trauma. The most frequent cause for muscle contractions is an incorrect body posture. Other times what we deal with is a scar subsequent to surgery or an accident, or even a dental problem, by affecting the muscular-skeletal system (by the modification of the signal that is transmitted to the brain from this area), so that, in order to maintain a correct posture, the muscles around the spine are contracted differently and, on the long run, they lose the ability to relax immediately.


This therapy aims at relaxing the affected muscles and at diminishing the pain that is associated with it. At the same time there is an improvement of themuscular mobility in the affected area. Ozone infiltrations are done in the muscles, aiming at the trigger points. Sometimes, hypodermic injections or intraarticular injections (depending on the trauma) work together in the procedure.

The injected ozone inhibits the arachidonic acid degradation in the prostaglandyns, thus reducing the pain. The blood flow in the severe muscular contraction area is also affected, which increases the local inflammation. Local hypoxia causes pain because nerve roots are affected by the lack of oxygen. The ozone increases local oxygenation by several mechanisms. Directly, by dividing the molecule in an ozone molecule and a free radical (that combines with another radical, thus generating another molecule in a series), but also indirectly, by the increase of 2,3 diphosphoglycerate, by releasing the degree of release of oxygen in the tissues from the oxyhemoglobin. In this way, although there is less oxygen, it will be released faster and in higher percentage, therefore reducing the pain induced by hypoxia and muscular contraction.

The duration of treatment
The duration of the treatment is decided according to the patient’s symptoms and their response to treatment. At first it is done in 3 weekly sessions and then two weekly sessions. There are no allergies or side effects to ozone exposure. Improvements of the patients’ general state of health can be seen even from the first administration, since the ozone therapy has a muscular relaxing effect, pain reducing and anti inflammatory effect.

In the cases where there is a significant loss of mobility, it can be restored because the intramuscular injections with ozone lead to an increase of the lactic acid’s metabolic rate and to a modification of the local pH. In this way,even if we are dealing with severe muscle contractions (as described in the beginning of the article), the ozone injections reduce pain and restore mobility.

The ozone treatment is also recommended in dealing with the pain that emerges after disk hernia surgery or the ones generated by spondilosis, vertebrae trauma,compaction or other modifications of the spine that cause severe muscular contractions and pain.