Scars and burns

Inside our Center of Excellence in Ozone Therapy we offer a revolutionizing treatment for curing burns and closing scars.

The procedure

Ozone injections performed under the skin that reduce inflammation, improve the release of xygen and growth factors inside tissue. In other words, the healing of the skin is being stimulated. Also, because of the antibacterial effect, no other infections will appear after the treatment.

In the case of red scars, of dark colours a plasmatic concentrate will be injected (obtained by centrifuging the patient’s blood) in which ozone was bubbled. Therefore, the release of growth factors will be improved significantly.

Just like in the case of scars, burns can be treated by the application of especially designed to reduce bacterial and infection activity bandages, for favorizing reepithelialization and for managing the created exudate.

Our procedures include the administration of these bandages, as well as changing them throughout the entire treatment, so you can get better fast.

For children above the age of two, we have a procedure that does not require injections.