Sportsmen recovery


The benefits of the ozone therapy for sportsmen and for people who practice a sport intensively are linked to a balancing of their metabolism. Studies performed on gymnasts proved that ozone saunas during the recovery period decrease the lactic acid by 20% faster and the athletes’ performance during the following session increase by 25%.

In a nutshell, ozone therapy:

  • increases tissue oxygenation by a faster release of oxygen in the erythrocytes;
  • increases the production of ATP, resulting in a larger amount of energy and a faster period of recovery;
  • delays the start of anaerob glycolisis by reducing the formation of lactic acid;
  • reduces the inflammations and helps reduce hematomas;
  • muscle relaxing effect by the elimination of the muscular tension in the trigger points;
  • the increase of immunity;
  • represents a natural antibiotic that does not affect the intestinal flora;
  • balances the hormones so that steroids are not necessary.

Ozone therapy is NOT prohibited in the case of sportsmen if it is administered as ozone sauna, rectal insuflations or subdural/ intramuscular injections.

Major or minor autohemotherapies are prohibited, not only because of the effects of the ozone, but because they imply handling the sportsmen’s blood. In the case of sportsmen, the ozone therapy is done only by following strict protocols and having in view a controlled exposure to the oxygen/ ozone mixture. Sauna increases the body temperature by 2 Celsius degrees and constant oxygen intake through a special breathing machine increase the metabolic rate by intensifying it. At the same time, the muscle relaxation is a deep and durable one.