Major autohemotherapy

Major autohemotherapy, ozone insuflations

At the foundation of ozone therapy lie biochemical mechanisms of ozone meant to act on the human body cells and methods of administration. As for systemic administration, there are two methods: major autohemotherapy and rectal insuflations. Both have the same effect, but in the case of autohemotherapy a small volume of ozone is being used.


70-120 ml of blood are collected in a sterile vessel, voided and then mixed with a similar quantity of ozone. The concentration is determined by the doctor, according to the targeted effect. The mixture is reinjected through an I.V during 20-30 minutes. Rectal insuflation means the direct administration through the rectum, to blood vessels in the colon, of a quantity up to 300 ml of ozone, in small doses every few minutes, for the absorbtion to be favored through vascular plexuses. In this case, there is no handling of the patient’s blood, which means it can’t be used for sportsman without being considered “doping”.


Through major autohemotransfusion and rectal insuflation a light oxidative is induced on the body. As a rection, the quantity of anti-oxidants increases. Through the direct effect of secondary messengers of ozone, the release of oxygen from erythrocytes increases which leads to a better vascularization of vital organs. The brain, liver, heart have an increase intake of oxygen, fighting the degeneration of the circulatory and respiratory system, that appears with old age. Also, this release of oxygen in the tissues leads to angiogenesis which reduces the loss of blood vessels in those areas due to old age. Among the benefits of a better oxygenation there are: treating insomnia, improving resilience to prolongued effort, diminishing stress-caused fatigue.

This treatment is not only recommended to seniors, that already are being treated for a series of other condition. Healthy adults do it to prevent some diseases that already have some risk factors: heart attack, type 2 diabetes, hepatic cirrhosis, stroke. In this case, it is recommended that the therapy be performed twice a year since its effects are of long-term nature caused by chronic fatigue and that can lead to more serious conditions, such as high blood pressure and diabetes.
The reasoning is a simple one, because most people who accuse chronic fatigue also suffer Clinical studies quoted in scientific articles prove that ozone treatments reduce the total cholesterol, LDL-cholesterol and triglycerides. It also lowers the level of blood sugar and prevents the complications of diabetes.
Fighting thrombosis and increasing tissue oxygenation lower the risk of heart attack and deep vein thrombosis.