Ozone bags

The local application of ozone is done by a bags made of special fabric that are connected directly to the medical ozone generator.
The purpose is to target an area (usually the calve or foot, but can also target the superior limb) through the direct effect of ozone: it is one of the best antibacterial agents known to man.

If we add the indirect effects, of reducing local inflammation and increasing the local tissue oxygenation we will find out why this therapy is used in the case of calve ulcer (be it of venous cause or diabetic) or severe burns, with significant flesh loss on the mentioned areas.


Firstly, an extremely concentrated antibiotic treatment is applied on the area and after removing necrosed tissue is removed, the angiogenetic effect of the ozone will help skin regeneration. At the same time, major autohemotherapy can be used. Although the results are excellent in these cases, the treatment can last up to a few months, and the patient’s presence at the clinic is required weekly or even a few times a week at first, but usually patients who choose this procedure also understand the patience and tension required to get positive results since they have already tried other methods of treatment that promised short term results without any great impact.