Ozone injections and infiltrations


Intramuscular ozone injections stop contractions and relax muscle fibers so that the pain stops. They work both on new contraction and on the chronic ones that come from incorrect body postures, adopted by the patient, most of the times at work.

Diseases and treatment

Contractions can be so strong that, depending on the muscle group affected, the entire body posture is modified and the patient may seem to have a shorter leg or that they suffer from scoliosis. Contractions in the back area can cause extremely strong headaches that do not respond to the usual medication. Another beneficial effect of injections and infiltrations (injections that are done superficially between the skin and muscle) is the anti-inflammatory one as a result of the direct action of ozone on the target area. The reduction of the local inflammation means reduction of pain of the blood volume and flux that flow into the affected area, bringing it back to physiological parameters. If they are performed paravertebrally and along the spine of a patient who got stuck because of severe contraction, it is very visible how, after just one session, he regains mobility due to the effects of ozone. Infiltrations on a sprained ankle will reduce pain and the patient will be able to wear shoes again.
Although it stings a little when injected, ozone has significant painkiller effects, working on nerve ends from the target area. In order to fight pain, the main administration procedure is by injection tender points and trigger points. These are clusters of muscular and nerve fibers that generate painful signals in specific areas. Sometimes, pain appears around these and, sometimes, at a distance. There are a few painful/sensitive points that most people have, but they can also appear after certain acute traumas or minor ones repeated over a long period of time. Their isolation and ozone injections represent the fastest and most efficient way to get rid of the pain. Of course, the cause that generated the activation of these must be treated, but the patient’s quality of life is not affected.
Intraarrticular ozone injections are used when microlesions appear inside the bigger joints (shoulder, hip, elbow, knee) which leads to their inflammation and the reduction of mobility. In this case, the purposes of ozone therapy are: reduction of inflammation and pain to increase mobility, fastens tissue regeneration where the trauma happened and shortening the period of recovery. Most of the times, there are also local intramuscular injections being done and the complementary treatment consists of muscular relaxants, painkillers and anti-inflammatories, whose effect is improved by ozone therapy.


Each patient is different. A good anamnesis and a precise diagnosis help the doctor deices which method of application to use, its concentration and inoculation point. The treatment is extended over a longer period of time (at least 6-7 sessions, max 15) performed at different times. There are cases where there are 3/week or just one.


Infiltrations are also used for their oxygenation effect, angiogenesis and subsequent tissue regeneration. In the case of stretch marks, cellulite or scars, local infiltrations are associated with specific bioactive bandages, ozone sauna or treatment based on richened plasmatic concentrate (PRP).