Ozone sauna

Ozone sauna is used for the therapy in which ozone enters your body while you relax. While your pores open because of the steam, the ozone enters through your skin in your circulatory system and fat.

How it works?

An ozone sauna looks like an air-proof capsule in which your body goes, without the risk of inhaling concentrated ozone. The ozone is produced by a generator and reaches the inside of the capsule at a maximum concentration of 5%. This form of therapy is useful in cases of arthritis (depends on the duration and gravity of the malady), treating zoster herpes, chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), acne and also programs that help maintain the beauty of the skin. The effect of ozone therapy in sauna is cumulative, and for satisfactory results, the treatment is prescribed individually and it is done by the specialized medical doctor. Ozone sauna is a simple, enjoyable, effective method, recommended for all ages, for ozone treatment while relaxing in a sauna. The device is built using the latest technology available at the moment.

What medical effects does ozone sauna have?

Among beneficial factors of ozone sauna there are: it stimulates mental and physical performance, antitoxic effect, immunostimulant and immunomodulator, it stimulates oxygen metabolism and intensifies circulation, protecting the heart, antiseptic effect (it rushes the healing of skin conditions), sedative effect when it comes to the central nervous system, which leads to the release of stress, both mentally and physically.

Beauty and rejuvenation using ozone sauna:

Diseases and conditions that get treated with ozone sauna: rheumatic diseases, degenerative muscular and skeletal system’s diseases.

At the Center of Excellence in Ozone Therapy every treatment, including the ones with relaxing and beauty effects, is done under the supervision of a specialized medical doctor in ozone therapy. Before you begin ozone sauna therapy, you must make an appointment with the doctor about the type of treatment that could help you.

Every session includes, free of charge, the stimulation for the ozone to be absorbed using UV lights performed at the same time with the sauna, a session of aromatherapy, as well as a brief therapeutic massage at the end of the treatment.